A Modern Museum Web Stack

How-to Session
Rowan Stenhouse, The Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences, Australia, Kaho Cheung, Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences, Australia

Published paper: A Modern Museum Web Stack

The Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences launched their new Wordpress website in December 2014. Before development started, the team conducted extensive research on current best practises for modern web development. This How-To session details the results and application of our research. It is split up into the main three components of a web stack - infrastructure, backend and frontend.

This session will be conducted by Kaho Cheung (Senior Digital Developer/Producer) and Rowan Stenhouse (Senior Digital Developer/Producer) from the Digital Studio team.

Getting Started Writing Chef Cookbooks the Berkshelf Way: http://misheska.com/blog/2013/08/06/getting-started-writing-chef-cookbooks-the-berkshelf-way-part3/
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Using Bedrock for WordPress for the First Time: http://efeqdev.com/tutorial/using-bedrock-for-wordpress-for-the-first-time/
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