an/other time: a mobile interactive exhibit exploring personal stories (Demo Table 3)

Tim Nugent, University of Tasmania, Australia

an/other time is an interactive site-specific smartphone app based exhibition allowing you to uncover content by walking along Main Road Moonah (in Tasmania, Australia). As you wander through the area you find small posters with pictures of people and keywords, matching these together in the app will allow you to discover a new chapter in the history of Tasmania. Inside the app are numerous untold personal stories from the migrants who came to Tasmania in the mid 20th century, whose contributions to the building and identity of the the state is rarely talked about or acknowledged. The exhibit allows you to gain a glimpse into how they communicated, how their concept of home and food was re-shaped, and how they shared their culture with their new home.

Røtne, O., & Kaptelinin, V. (2013). Design Choices and Museum Experience: A Design-Based Study of a Mobile Museum App. In Human Computer Interaction (pp. 9-13). Springer International Publishing.