Between the Screens: an exploration of Chinese moving image art, film and culture (Demo Table 2)

Chris Sullivan, ACMI, Australia

Between the Screens is a responsive, cross-platform digital publication featuring video interviews with ACMI curators and programmers relating to the China Up Close program, as well as providing an insight into the evolution of modern China through the work of moving image artist, Yang Fudong.
We’ve reached a tipping point in human history. Today, more than half the world’s population (54% according to the World Health Organization) live in cities or towns. China’s urban population alone is expected to increase by 300 million people by 2050. The axis of urbanism is shifting from the West to the East, fuelled by China’s economic buoyancy and appetite for growth, the sheer scale of which has no precedence.
Between the Screens provides an insight into this world through the lens of China’s pre-imminent moving image artist. Yang Fudong examines the tensions between urban and rural lifestyles, history and the present, collective memory and lived experience. His works’ lyrical and dreamlike qualities, spiralling narratives and multiple perspectives reflect the psychology of a new generation as it struggles to find its place in present-day China.
Accompanying the video content is a community-driven photo project that draws upon the themes of China Up Close. The interactive model invites the online audience to help create a collective body of lived experience that spans countries, and cultures, using the themes of change, identity, journey and place: the key themes of the China Up Close program.
It is aimed at Australian and Chinese audiences with a view to creating a shared dialogue through photography. The photo project part of Between the Screens is presented in English and Mandarin and includes social sharing on both Western and Chinese platforms.

for reference: China up Close program