Build interactive digital experiences with IntuiFace: a hands-on workshop

Ric Manalac, Queensland Museum Network, Australia

Museum exhibitions are usually characterised by the physical display of collection items. After all, people visit Museums to see objects. However, the nature of most Museum collection items is that they are too valuable and, most of the time, fragile that it is rare that one can touch them. In recent years, Museums have become more innovative in enhancing the visitor experience by incorporating digital elements to exhibitions. One common approach is the use of touch screens so that visitors can interact with digital versions of collection items. Historically, the development of touch-enabled interactive digital experience required specialist skills. Specialist skills usually translate to high costs in development and maintenance. There are even cases where interactive experiences are never updated because the cost of updating them is too much or it’s just not possible anymore. This workshop will feature the use of a product that has helped the Queensland Museum to build interactive touch-enabled experiences without writing a single line of programming code. This product is called IntuiFace.
IntuiFace is a modern platform for creating interactive digital experiences that are visually appealing and memorable. It is a platform built for all skill levels for the rapid creation of natural user interaction-based experiences.
The workshop will give an overview of the features and technical details of IntuiFace. The presenter will also give some background information about the digital experiences developed for the Lost Creatures exhibition. There will be a hands-on tutorial to build a simple digital experience that can later be tested. There will be a demonstration of other possibilities that this technology can offer, such as the use of Leap Motion and tablets.
It would be useful for participants to bring a laptop that has Windows 7 or Windows 8. Participants can install the Free Edition of the IntuiFace Composer software that can be downloaded from

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