Content Creation: A Guide for the Weary

Lightning Talk
Alex Parker, Consultant, Australia

We’ve all heard of using staff as storytellers. How encouraging audiences to treat your space as a storyworld can, at times, provide productively nuanced and engaging experiences.

But how?

This talk looks at the peaks and pitfalls of indulging hidden journalistic passions and unpack the fantasy of turning your office kitchen into something akin to a cable television writers’ room. Alex will use her experiences as a filmmaker, journalist and stealthy wide-eyed observer to explore the power of telling stories from their source, raise questions about the organisational benefits in employing a team of misfits, and reflect on how a public image is sometimes best pulled from the most private of plots.

A series of amusing examples and practical pointers will pave the way for a procedural reimagining of the potential for a museum to generate stories, engagement and resonance beyond its physical space.

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