Create interactive outdoor tours of open-air museums with smart mobile devices

Roger Edmonds, Mobile Adventures Australia, Australia

Location-based learning in open-air museums is not new but with the widespread availability of smartphones and tablets, it can be massively extended. Stories and collections can now be made visible in new ways, helping visitors prepare for their visit, deepening their experiences on location and making it easy for them to share their activity on social media.

In this demonstration, we’ll take you through how we have designed and developed location-based mobile learning adventures for two open-air museums. In one case study we will demonstrate how we worked with a regional community to creatively combine online inquiries about history and mining with a mobile storytelling platform, rich media and the authentic surroundings of an open-air mining heritage site. A second example will show how a location-based mobile adventure developed with experts from 6 professional societies has been used to re-discover in the public mind, the considerable contribution made by a famous Australian science and technology pioneer.

You will learn more about:

• What location-based mobile learning is
• How mobile technologies provide a new and exciting way of integrating digital storytelling and augmented reality with location-interaction to deliver learning in an authentic, meaningful, and personal context
• How location-based mobile adventures can complement what is already available for visitors in a museum’s open air collection
• How location-based mobile adventures can deliver new stories about people, local history, and the natural environment
• How the addition of simple gaming techniques encourages visitors to use their mobile device to explore, discover and ultimately learn more
• Attracting new audiences to your open-air museum collection, keeping accuracy and authenticity

and come away with new ideas and knowledge of ways to implement them in your own environment.