Creating contextual content engagement and ticketing mobile solutions for The Broad contemporary art museum

Exhibitor Insight
Thomas Marshall, STQRY Inc., New Zealand

The definition of mobile is changing. No longer is it focused on the phone and tablet hardware but rather personal users, their movements and the technology they interact with daily. The Broad required an innovative platform that leveraged user movements and preferences with an easy-to-use ticketing system across mobile, web, and onsite solutions. We used our core technologies to develop experiences that will surprise and delight visitors to the museum, and help provide an incredible experience to all visitors.

The experiences have been finely crafted through the use of the following unique and exciting technologies:

* Contextual welcome screens
Visitors using the mobile application will receive a customised experience based on how the user has previously engaged with the application. The experience will also be based on situational factors such as trending artworks at the museum.
* Mobile & Web Ticketing
Intelligent ticketing system that runs across mobile, web, and onsite sales. With easy user experience at the core, the system has been built to ensure a free flowing entry to the museum, and seamless access to ticketing across any touchpoint.
* Zones, Triggers, Actions
Proximity alerts around content-rich locations, to help visitors access content based on their proximity to information.
* Integrated Analytics
The Broad is collecting detailed and comprehensive analytics to understand how visitors are engaging their venue. This information will help to understand where customers actually go and how long they stay. What interests them and what they ignore.
* Beacon Management
A system for The Broad to easily manage the beacons installed at their venue.