Digital Education… invention, reinvention, evolution

Christine Evely, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Australia, Vincent Trundle, The Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Australia

ACMI Education endeavours to cultivate active connections between learners of all ages by encouraging people to engage imaginatively, thoughtfully and confidently with moving image culture. We are excited by emerging moving image technologies and communication forms, and the ways in which digital tools can be harnessed to transform opportunities to build screen literacy through co-creative meaning making with our onsite, offsite and online learners.

This presentation will explore the successes, challenges and imaginative programming engaged in by ACMI Education in our quest to uncover a pedagogy that promotes rich use of the web and digital media to connect meaningfully with existing and new audiences.

Together, we will showcase our digital transformation leading to the development of our Digital Education Strategy, from our award winning virtual production studio microsite Generator, our colourful Story Monster game involving design and grammar, our highly interactive and co-creative Over Here, Over There video conferences, our international engagement and student mentoring via video conference with Dreamworks Animation, our rich, online learning module supporting and providing longevity to our travelling exhibition Shaun Tan's The Lost Thing: From book to film to the online collaboration of Games Net.

We will highlight the need to invent, reinvent and evolve our digital offer as new technologies and platforms emerge, and as audiences develop to ensure sustained and interactive online engagement.