Interactive Transmedia Storytelling

How-to Session
Vincent Roirand, Mazedia, France

The museums are using different ways to create interactive experiences for audience : Mobile tours, kiosks, interactive tables, web sites... Each device constitue, at this time, a specific way, but can't match with other devices. For exemple, if you are using a mobile visit guide, your visit experience cannot be an input for a multitouch program experience on a table. They are separate.
The transmedia interactive storytelling will open new practices for museum teams. Exhibits and mutlimedia design will be mixed in a global storytelling project. Every device will be connected and the audience experience will progress in this global scenario.
How to write a transmedia interactive storytelling ?
What is requested to create a technical environment for this type of project ?
These questions cover a broad spectrum and it's necessary to undersand all the constraints in order to begin writing the global experience for museum.
We must approach by exemples :
• How can we adapt the specific storytelling to the audience ?
Adaptation by knowledge base level ; adaptation by age ...
• How can we find balance between the emotion of discovering the collection and multimedia devices experience ?
• Which skills are necessary for the designing team ?
We can take a simple example to work with the participants on a use case.
Vincent ROIRAND is on board of worldwide french cluster "images et reseaux" and works on reseach and development projects with museums about interactive transmedia features. He's approch is based on design and technical assets.

R & D projets followed by Vincent ROIRAND :
CULTE : Quai Branly museum/CNAM/LUTIN/MAZEDIA : Gaming, and transmedia experiences - In progress
VISIT TOUR : Mines Telecom institute/MAZEDIA : New museum platforms using TourML for museums - Done
Transmedia storytelling project with Sorbone french university (Yves Jeanneret)

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