Mobile Crit Room

Professional Forum
Michael Parry, Museum of Applied Art & Sciences (Powerhouse Museum), Australia, Gabby Shaw, Museum Contemporary Art Australia, Australia, Francesca Ford, Art Gallery of NSW, Australia, Simon Sherrin, Museum Victoria, Australia, Glen Barnes, Authentic , New Zealand

An expert panel of peer reviewers including critique recent mobile projects. The Mobile Crit is a conversation between the presenter (whose site is the topic of discussion), the panelists, and those in the session. We have 90 minutes in which to review 4 mobile projects (approx. 20 minutes each). For each project: The site representative will present the project briefly highlighting the mission, the challenges, what they think is successful and what less successful, and any particular issues on which they’d like feedback. The panelists will respond with their reactions and questions and suggestions for the representatives, and we will then open up the discussion to the group in the room.