Seven essentials to discuss before creating Apple/Android tour guide apps

snehal shah, Action Data Systems, usa, John Rodman, Preservation Society of Newport County, USA

Topic: Seven essentials to discuss before creating Apple/Android tour guide apps

​We worked with Newport Mansions in Newport, RI and a few other museums to create a software platform that allows them and any other museum to launch their own Apple/Android apps. The apps are designed as tour guides and focus on creating an immersive tour experience for visitors while generating revenue for the museums.

Newport Mansions are the fourth largest visitor attraction in New England. They have about 925,000 admissions per year. 700,000 of them use audio players for a self guided tour. They have 1500 audio players right now. The project began when Newport decided to upgrade to modern technologies and realized that mobile apps give visitors significantly more value than the expensive audio players that they had been using for many years.

But the process is never simple and there was much to learn. Here are highlights of some of the essentials discussed in the paper:

1. Native app v/s Web App
2. Social Media engagement
3. iBeacon indoor map support
4. Visitor profile collection
5. Visitor behavior analysis
6. Revenue generation with actual revenue model
7. Sponsors and Benefactors

The biggest lesson learned was to structure pricing to make the software developer a true partner, rather than just a vendor. Partner means they were paid based upon revenue generation and nothing else. This ensures that all the parties are working together and supporting each other.