Nodel – controlling digital media systems in museums (Demo Table 2)

Joseph Coleman, Museum Victoria, Australia, Keith Vaz, Museum Victoria, Australia

Nodel is an open source digital media control system developed by Museum Victoria in partnership with Lumicom. Its aim is to provide museums and galleries with a simple way of controlling a wide range of multimedia devices for minimal outlay. This Demonstration session will explain the technologies behind Nodel and give a hands on demonstration of how to make it work in a real world scenario. We will look at the architecture behind the messaging protocol and scripting platform, as well as give examples of how simple Python scripts can be used to link nodes to create sophisticated webs of control.
This demonstration will describe how Museum Victoria took the bold step of going it alone to develop its own control system and then give it away for free. We will also give provide an overview of the architecture and benefits of Nodel and how it has transformed the way Museum Victoria controls its gallery digital media. We will leave you with a vision of how Nodel can be expanded and improved upon by a community of users.