The Museum Digital Experience: Considering the Visitor’s Journey

Catherine Devine, Microsoft, USA

Published paper: The Museum Digital Experience: Considering the Visitor’s Journey

Museums, and many other organizations, tend to approach digital projects from the perspective of individual channels. They propose an app, a website, an interactive. This makes sense for organizations.

However, visitors don’t think in channels. Visitors expect a single, unified experience across all of their interactions. Visitors don’t even distinguish physical and digital experiences, to them it is all one experience, and they expect that to flow seamlessly from one to the other.

They buy their tickets in one channel and pick up in another. They indicate interests in one channel, such as website, and expect that to carry through to other channels, such as an app.

This expectation requires Museums to think differently when initiating digital projects. It requires Museums to think about the larger ecosystem that these digital initiatives exist in.

This paper proposes how to bring this thinking to Museums as new digital projects are initiated, with practical examples of how to apply this thinking.

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