What’s next for Augmented Reality? (Demo Table 3)

Cherry Thian, Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore

The ACM has spent the last 2 years working with research institutions and technology companies to develop a more robust indoor AR solution. This new AR engine:
1. recognises and tracks 3D objects in three dimensions and their orientation regardless of size
2. has greater tolerance in low-light environments
3. displays and integrates 3D content seamlessly with the objects on display, regardless of orientation or the angle from which the user views
4. positions 3D content on a museum object.

This technology is still being refined but the prototype has been a great success. This 3D tracking and pose estimation technology gives possibilities for museums to dream of application.

Thian, C. (2012). Augmented Reality—What Reality Can We Learn From It? Retrieved from Museums and the Web: http://www.museumsandtheweb.com/mw2012/papers/augmented_reality_what_reality_can_we_learn_fr.html